London Bathroom Fitters- Minimum of Space – Maximum of Pleasure

Just as the supper at refined restaurant differs from fast-food snack, half an hour in a sweet-smelling bath contrasts with five minutes of fresh shower. Unfortunately, living conditions not always allow us to place a swimming pool or Jacuzzi in our bathroom. Let’s talk about bathing pleasure even within the smallest bathroom.

Bathing geometry.

Probably, it is impossible to find a person who would like to have a small bathroom. What is the sense of that? Narrowness, impossibility to equip a room on your own free will and eternal dilemma: whether to place a bidet or a washing machine, to hang up a cabinet for bathing accessories or a heated towel rail? Each of us would like to have a spacious room where it is possible to place a Jacuzzi, to lay nice carpets on the floor, and maybe even to place a relaxation nook – a bench with a small table for cocktails. In other words, it would be great to transform daily procedures into favour ones. But, perhaps, none of rooms in the house contrast between dream and reality as much as a bathroom. And you’ve got to do something with that …

Most of all, the bathroom is a narrow rectangular where the bathtub itself is traditionally placed along a long wall, and near to it, in far corner, a toilet bowl is mounted. As a result, the remaining space is hardly sufficient for movement. And now let’s have a look at a long and inconvenient room with a fresh pair of eyes. What’s wrong with installation of a bathtub along the distant, short “side” or with placing of corner-like variant? Such solution will allow installation of all sanitary equipment without any difficulties and remaining free space would be occupied with stylish interior favouring pleasant procedures. But it is not necessary to occupy the remaining space with functional furniture or flowerpots flowers – the effect of “spacious” bathroom will be lost! Some free space beautifies a bathroom much more than the loveliest decorative elements.

By the way, let’s remember such beautiful and having no additional space requirements way of bathroom decoration – mosaic and pictures on a glazed tile. It is possible to lay elegant design or to get any picture suitable as of its palette and mood. You may add it with stucco moulding and relevant bathing accessories – and a bathroom of you dream is ready.

Equipment problems.

One more eternal problem is installation of household appliances. First of all it relates to a washing machine which is frequently appears to be unnecessary both in bathroom and in kitchen. In the bathroom there is not enough free space to place it and in the kitchen it is not always fit in interior. Actually there is no need to be on the horns of a dilemma. Just place the washing machine … into sliding-door wardrobe in a corridor or in the box-room. Such household nook allows both to save a kitchen interior and to clear one square meter in bathroom.

Space economy.

When there is a discussion of space economy, the shower cabins and hip baths are remembered at once. But such solutions are compulsory substitutes of fully-featured baths, and such choice is connected exclusively with shortage of space or with lack of skill to make good use of it. Such solutions may be used by anyone but not by us.

Let’s have a look at two-in-one items and at amusing and ergonomic furniture which you can make with your own hands. For example, light chest of drawers which occupies almost no space. Having placed it under a mirror, you achieve two goals. Firstly, there is a set of containers for storage of numerous jars, shampoos and creams. Secondly, such chest of drawers keeps an effect of “empty wall” and does not compress the space by eye. By the way, you may place it under a wash sink: in that case it is necessary to provide water communications compartment and to place boxes on each side. Thus, the place often used absolutely irrationally finds new functional load. There is one more solution – don’t tile your bath completely and make a small locker under it. You may hide there a small bedside-table with a seat (which, in its turn, may serve as container for storage of small items).

In other words, we can convert our bathroom into some kind of personal SPA-salon. It is possible to realize almost any design and planning solution nowadays – it’s all depends from your imagination and will.

Installing a New Countertop – The Ideal Upgrade

There are a number of ways to upgrade a kitchen or a bathroom. One is a complete redesign that might include deluxe cabinets, hardwood flooring, an elaborate lighting scheme and imported tiles. The options and possibilities with any re-design are virtually limitless, as long as there’s a budget to accommodate the scheme. However, for those who want to brighten the kitchen or the bathroom without having to endure the cost or inconvenience of a renovation project, the best solution is to replace the countertop.

Any interior designer will admit, certain items and finishes can be a focal point of any room. In a kitchen, the cabinet faces can be re-finished and the flooring replaced, and there will be a noticeable difference. However, by removing the old ceramic tiles and replacing them with granite or quartz, the entire kitchen will take on a new personality.

In a bathroom, removing the modest, cultured marble vanity top in favor of solid surface with a coved backsplash could make a world of difference. By adding a set of faucet fixtures, along with a coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, the results would suggest the bathroom has been redesigned.

There are numerous on-line sources where one can browse the vast selection of slabs and tiles that are available. The styles range from uniform designs, to textured tones that will complement existing cabinet finishes. Tile is relatively easy to work with, and a typical removal and replacement for an average kitchen could be accomplished over the course of a weekend.

As for the specifics of any tile installation, a mortar bed with thin set adhesive is a proven application. In any situation where tile may be the material of choice, the installation should include a sanded grout, with clear sealer for added luster.

One of the most durable materials for a kitchen countertop is granite. In addition to this durability, it is one of the most versatile, since it is available in a variety of finishes and textures. The availability explains the popularity of granite among designers and builders of high-end custom homes.

As a result of this popularity, selecting a style for the kitchen is no longer a difficult endeavor. Many installers will provide samples that can be matched with the existing cabinet finishes in order to arrive at the ideal selection. The nature of the typical installation will omit any joints, and this eliminates the selection of any grout. A top-notch installation will include the tops, backsplash and precise cuts for the sink and any electrical outlets.

Upgrading to one of these finishes will all but eliminate cleaning with anything except a damp cloth. In addition, the homeowner will enjoy an attractive upgrade that will last for decades to come.

White Starlight Tiles – For Kitchen Worktops And Bathrooms

White starlight tiles are fondly called “mirror stones” due to the embedded sparkling mirrors and many other crystals that compliment its surface. The white background has a subtle scattering of some other coloured crystals that add to the character of the tiles. Kitchen worktops and bathroom floors and walls are the places that accumulate a lot of dust and grime due to their heavy usage. By using starlight quartz tiles in white colour, the beauty of the surfaces is made to last a very long time. Their shine is everlasting and is the most unique feature that gives them the edge over other materials, whether natural or manufactured. You can even use these tiles in other places of the house like the halls, foyers, bedrooms, passage ways etc. Commercially too, these stones have gained immense popularity as the most sought after tiling materials.

Kitchen worktops and bathrooms need durable and hygienic surfaces as they are constantly in touch with water, soap residues, oil and many other spills. Starlight quartz is the most durable material in the market today. Quartz is replacing the use of granite for kitchen worktops in many of the modern homes. The best thing is that they do not need a sealant too. The unique shimmer and the colour stay the same way even after many years. This is not usually found in many other stones like limestone, slate or granite. This durable nature is found because of the presence of more than 93% quartz along with some polymers and resins. The tile itself undergoes stringent manufacturing process, which ensures that it is tightly packed.

Starlight quartz tiles have wonderful functionality regarding hygiene too. They are impervious and keep the surfaces devoid of any microbes. This way, you can enjoy cooking on the wonderful worktops, without the worry of germs in your food. In the bathrooms, where water is used a lot, quartz surfaces repel the water stagnation and do not allow mold to grow. Avoid complete seepage with proper grouting. This way, the tiles and the subfloors remain fresh for long times. Another advantage of white starlight tiles is that they reflect light wonderfully and create cheerful and bright spaces in the kitchens and bathrooms.

The large format tiles of white starlight tiles add a unique dimension to your interiors. You can pair white tiles with any other colours for added attraction. Use contrasting colours as borders or accents on the bathroom and shower walls. For kitchen worktops, use the modern techniques of rounded edges to give a contemporary look. The neutral shade of these is very appealing and creates an illusion of larger space in the room. You will find innumerable design options over the internet and design magazines. Refer them and create beautiful interiors that last a lifetime.