Stop Living With an Awful Bathroom Now – You Can Have the Bathroom of Your Dreams Starting Today

Is your bathroom past its sell by date, are you living with cracked ceramic tiles, leaky creaking taps and is your suite design really old fashioned?

Then you need to take action and discover the joy and benefits of having a bright, clean, modern bathroom.

When I first bought my current home 12 years ago I was extremely pleased with the rock bottom price I paid. I purchased from an elderly lady who had lived in the property all of her life. This did mean that a lot of work needed doing in order to bring the property into shape. To be honest I did underestimate the length of time and impact of this on my well being.

The two worst rooms in the house where without a doubt the Kitchen and Bathroom. They where terribly out dated and I just felt depressed going into them every day, in fact taking a long hot bath in a room that lacks luxury to me just feels so wrong.

That’s why I decided quickly I was going to tackle my bathroom and get it transformed. If you are in this position I suggest you just make a decision and take action today.

To start with I removed and replaced the bath panel and then changed the flooring with some low cost laminate flooring. In addition to this I replaced the bath tub and sink taps using a local plumber to install them.

Finally I chiselled off all the old tiles and replaced them with some nice clean white ones I bought online from a kitchen ceramic tiles web site. This really made the room and finished off my decorating project nicely. This is all took me less than a week and I bought everything online really cheaply.

I really want to encourage you to make a start today and sort your own bathroom out. I guarantee you will no regrets and feel so much better for it.

What Remodeling Can You Do That Makes Good Economic Sense – The Kitchen, a Bathroom?

With the current economic environment, and the crash of the housing market the impetus for remodeling has changed. Two years ago remodeling was driven by 2 factors – easy equity loans to cover the cost and a desire to invest in a family’s primary fast appreciating asset. Today the incentive to remodel and the factors influencing a remodel are threefold.

First, banks are requiring a 20% down payment to get a mortgage loan. Therefore, people that need to increase their home size or want upgrades will find it easier to come up with $20,000 for a remodel versus coming up with $80,000 for a down payment. Second, because equity loans are much harder to get, the remodel must fit a budget based on “cash-on-hand” rather than borrowing against the equity in one’s home. And lastly, people are motivated to remodel in order to maintain their home’s value in a very depressed market.

Due to these factors it is very important that your remodeling efforts, and the dollars you spend get maximum payback with regard to your home’s market value. Of course, your needs come first and foremost, but if you have a choice of remodeling projects it’s nice to pick the one with the best payback on your home’s value.

If you are planning a remodeling project it’s important to understand that your home’s value will not increase in a percentage equal to the cost of the remodel. However, depending on your choice, it is possible to get 80% – 90% back on your investment.

The two best remodeling projects are the kitchen and the bathroom. Both will return about 90% in adding value to your home, and both can be done inexpensively and without needing to hire outside help. Remodeling statistics show that the greatest appeal in both rooms can be maximized by adding new counter tops and wood cabinetry or refinishing any wood cabinets that are already there. The preferred counter top upgrade for a kitchen these days is granite, and with regard to the bathroom you should make sure that you have a bathtub rather than just showers. Future buyers might have small children who require a tub.

A third remodel choice is any project that keeps or upgrades your house to the neighborhood standard. For example, if all the properties have a certain style wood fence your property’s value will increase if you install a similar fence. Such a project is one of the few remodels that could result in a 100% payback in your value.

To keep your cash expenses down you should plan on doing as much of the work as you can by yourself. Not only could it be fun, but you can make up for the 10-20% shortfall you incur with most remodel projects. You might think that a big project will require outside help that will raise your costs, but that isn’t necessarily true. Be sure to click the destination below to find out about the perfect tool for anyone wanting to remodel their homes and do much of the work themselves.

Ideas to Keeping Your Bathroom Warm This Winter

During winter, the bathroom can be a very cold room to be in. Many people only tend to have heaters or under floor heating in other rooms within the home such as the bedroom, living area or the kitchen. When the bathroom is cold it can be difficult to get ready in the mornings or take a shower or bath in the evenings. There are some alternatives to heating your bathroom however, so let’s take a look at some of these solutions.

It is not safe to have a conventional heater in the bathroom and it should be avoided. It may be a cheaper alternative to buying a bathroom heater or radiator, but it could cause an electrocution to yourself or a family member. You would also have to have an extension lead from an outside room trailing into the bathroom which is a health and safety risk alone.

A better option is to have a towel warmer installed into the bathroom. Towel warmers can be electric or connected to the hot water system. Whichever you decide to go for, you will need to either employ an electrician or plumber to fit the towel warmer. They are not cheap to buy and have installed, but they can enhance the bathroom and add to the overall value of the house. Towel warmers look just like the normal towel rails you see in modern bathrooms today, and they are usually manufactured in chrome. The chrome effect provides a very modern look to any aged bathroom, and therefore enhancing the overall look of the bathroom.

You can also buy warmrails, which require a power outlet to operate. They are safe to use within the bathroom, but you should have an electrician fit the wiring directly into the wall. This is a better option that connecting the device to a power extension cord which raises the various health and safety concerns listed earlier. Warmrails are much cheaper to buy and they are much more portable than using the wall mounted rails. As they are a standalone portable unit, they won’t add the value of the house price however.